41 Things to be Thankful For


It is probably human nature to easily gravitate into worrying about lack and limitation. We focus on the future must-haves and must-dos that we take for granted the many wonderful things to be thankful for that is right in front of our noses right now. When we think that nothing is going our way and things might be falling apart, let’s take stock and notice the things that ARE going right and going our way.

Only about seven countries officially celebrate some sort of thanksgiving, for different reasons. And your country might not be one of the seven.  Wherever you live and whatever your traditions, it is a good idea to have a mini personal thanksgiving practice every day.  Writing a list of things that you can be grateful for, for being in your life, is one such practice.

If at first, it seems difficult to find a list of things to be thankful for, try to find just one thing each day. Here are 41 little and big things to be thankful for, one for each of the 41 days from today until the start of 2019.  It’s a promise, writing and reading a gratitude list will result in a happier you.  And even better, doing so regularly will transform your outlook on life positively.

1. You
For being you, because no one else can be you better. For being alive and sharing your life with loved-ones and gracing the world with your presence.

2. Oxygen
For being able to breathe and making life happen.

3. Family 
For being your biggest critics and your loudest cheerleaders and for always loving you.

4. Friends
For being there and always having your back.

5. Frenemies
For teaching you understanding and forgiveness, for bringing out the best in you and become a better person.

6. The Sun
For brightening the world and allowing all things to grow.

7. Moon and Stars
For bringing light to the otherwise dark night.

8. Sunrises
For a beautiful promise of a new day.

9. Sunsets
For a break-taking view to end the day and a gentle ushering to begin a rejuvenating night’s rest.

10. Snow
For snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights.

11. Rain
For nourishing the earth and its inhabitants.

12. Rainbows
For a magnificent sight after rains and a beautiful reminder that no matter how hard the rain falls, a rainbow will emerge in the end.

13. The Earth
For allowing life to grow and host all the wonderful things in it.

14. Animals/Pets
For various, amazing creatures that bring diversity to the Earth.

15. Internet
For making people, ideas and knowledge closer and within everyone’s reach.

16. Vehicles
For delivering goods, medicine, animals and people to wherever they need to go easier and faster.

17. Mobile phones
For making everyone we need to connect with just a number away. (And also for games and Instagram!)

18. Computers/Technology
For making impossible and tedious things possible; for making life easier. (Most of the time)

19. Social Media
For making your voice heard, for getting the latest news and for connecting with like-minded individuals.

20. Online Shopping
For purchasing items and paying for them without leaving the house.

21. Movies
For giving entertainment and sparking imagination.

22. Books
For gleaning and passing on information.

23. Audiobooks
For being able to ‘read’ in the dark and for being able to ‘read’ a book while cleaning or driving.

24. Music
For being the different soundtracks to every mood and moment of your life.

25. Shoes
For protecting your feet, and to some, for the happiness collecting them brings. 😉

26. Bags
For being able to bring all that you need easily and same as above, for the joy they bring.

27. Coffee
For always there to boost your brain. Not to mention, scrub your skin to a gorgeous, healthy glow! 😉

28. Sales
For being able to acquire things you’ve always wanted – at a discount

29. Job/income
For allowing you to pay the bills and fund your travels/ lifestyle. For being able to practice creativity, responsibleness and resourcefulness.

30. Boss and Co-workers
For providing guidance and direction for your career.

31. Soul Mate
For always the closest soul to you, whether she/he be your life partner, sibling, parent, child or best friend.

32. Heartbreaks
For helping you mature, emotionally and mentally.

33. Laughter
For times when your heart is overrun with mirth and joy that they bubble up and serenade your life with a beautiful sound.

34. Found Things
For finding something you thought you had lost forever.

35. Cameras
For capturing life’s wacky and wondrous memories.

36. Long drives
For having a scenic backdrop for your thoughts.

37. Weekends
For having a big sigh of relief and NOT having to set the alarm for the next day.

38. Imagination
For the seat of creativity, problem solving or just daydreaming

39. Done Chores
For the relief you feel after the dishes and laundry are finally done.

40. Me-Time
For the ability to take time to care for your outward appearance and inner wellbeing.

41. Last Day of the Year
For allowing the regrets to fade away and for cherishing the memories of the year that just passed. Keeping in mind, the next day is the start of a new one – one that’s promising of brighter possibilities.

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