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Booty Skin Care: Practices for Smooth, Firm Cheeks

Booty Skin Care: Practices for Smooth, Firm Cheeks

Is a smooth, bump-free behind really too much to ask? Are you dreaming of a pair that’s booty-ful enough to confidently slip into to that bikini, lingerie, or even the gorgeous skirt you’ve been looking forward to wearing but just not having the right shape for yet?

Until recent years, booty skin care was an afterthought. Because, who cares? Buttocks are swathed in all kinds of fabrics and shoved into all sorts of apparel, from skintight yoga shorts to baggy pants. Or perhaps, we think that nothing can be done about the pimply, sagging, rippled, rough skin on our derriere, so we ignore and hide them from sight. But nothing can be farther than the truth!

No matter what shape or state your derriere is in, it deserves as much love and care given to the more visible parts. Here are ways of employing skin care and lifestyle changes to keep your behind looking pert, gorgeous, and healthy:

Gorgeous Booty Skin Care

Exfoliate. Skin is skin, no matter where that skin is located in your body. What works for your face and the other parts of your body will work on your bottoms too. The most important step to skin care is exfoliation. Exfoliating will unclog the pores from dirt and excess oil, making the pores clean and less prone to acne and irritation. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that love to hang around even when they’re not wanted. These dead skin cells dull your overall complexion and prevent hydrating lotions and creams from being absorbed and delivered to where moisture is needed most.

Booty Skin Care: Practices for Smooth, Firm Cheeks

One of the most effective ways to exfoliate is to use a body scrub. Apply body scrub with a loofah or a washcloth, even your bare fingers will do the job. Work the product in gentle, circular motions to help remove small bumps and clinging waste skin cells.

For an added oomph to your body scrubbing, use a scrub with cellulite-combating coffee and vitamin c to immerse your skin in antioxidants.


Firm up. After smoothing with exfoliants, it’s time to encourage sagging skin to firm up. Using a clay mask not only tightens and lifts the skin, it also draws out impurities and lessens irritations. What’s better than clay to firm up the skin? Clay with super ingredients makes the clay mask work even harder.

Active ingredients to look for in firming products:

Artichoke Extract - An emerging ingredient effective against both sagging and cellulite is artichoke extract. As a food, artichoke may help to naturally lower ‘bad’ cholesterol, act as a diuretic and vasoconstrictor, and is an antioxidant powerhouse.

As an ingredient to skin care products, artichoke extract may also help to strengthen skin cells from within, and aid in fighting against sagging and wrinkling. Artichoke’s diuretic and vasoconstrictor qualities helps drain the lymphatic system, an effective tool against dull or puffy complexion.

Coffee - Finely ground coffee beans, when applied to the skin, not only exfoliates but tightens the skin. It also reduces the appearance of dimply cellulite.

Levan - Consisting of bonded molecules naturally derived from sugar cane, levan activates fat and complex molecular metabolism. Levan also has extraordinary uses for cosmetics and skin care as it provides moisture, similar to hyaluronic acid but does so more efficiently. Levan can form a temporary film around the skin, resulting in a tightened, more up-lifted looking skin.

Hydrate. After the exfoliants and the firming masks, now comes lotions and oils to seal in moisture. Since approximately 60% of the body consists of liquids, hydrating from the inside out, drinking at least eight glasses of water daily boosts our overall health and the hydration level of our skin.

Lotions and creams hydrate dry, flaking, sagging skin and also helps deal with other skin issues. Products with vitamins C and E improve stretch marks and skin elasticity. Creams containing caffeine help break down cellulite, and moisturisers with tea tree oil help ease redness and acne.

Gorgeous Booty Habits

Exercise. It’s probably evident that the way to get sexy caboose is to get down to do the squats and lunges. Exercising provides numerous health benefits, among which are fat burning and muscle toning. Resistance training will build and condition your muscles, creating gorgeous bums that look lifted and strong. Search for various exercises to tone up the buttocks on the net or find a local gym instructor.

Booty Skin Care: Practices for Smooth, Firm Cheeks

Keep dry. Hormonal acne, skin bumps, and other skin irritations that appear on the face can also appear on your behind. One habit that can curb butt skin irritation is cleaning and drying that area after the gym or anytime there’s excessive sweating. Letting the area dry by itself in dirty, sweaty gym attire can encourage bacteria to fester and damage the skin. Bumps, fungal infection, and psoriasis can develop easily in unnecessary dampness, so bubble up, get squeaky clean and dry after workouts to keep your bums cute and irritation-free.

Massage. Massage improves blood circulation, allowing nutrients to be distributed efficiently, thereby rejuvenating tired skin and muscles. Massages, especially those administered by a professional, can help break up fat deposits the sit under the skin to present a smoother, tighter appearance. Massage also helps drain the lymph nodes and clear the lymphatic system. More effective and more costly than massages are radio-frequency or laser treatments.

Booty Skin Care: Practices for Smooth, Firm Cheeks

Hair-free. If you have baby-fine hair growth on your behind, you can probably skip this step. For bottoms with thicker, coarser hair, it may not be easy to have a perfectly smooth skin without hair removal. Shave or wax? It depends. Short on time and don’t care about waxing pains, shaving is the way to go. Though, we hear that waxing is the best route to the smoothest depilated skin.

Remember not to depilate and exfoliate on the same day, if you don’t want raw, chaffed skin. It’s better to exfoliate a day or two before hair removal. Day-old scrubbed skin will have gotten rid of dry, dull cells, making the wax have a better ‘grip’ on the hair being removed.


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