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Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day

A beautiful bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day will surely make your mother smile. However, Mother’s Day flowers are not just for your mother. It’s for all the women in your life who are mothers: sister, daughter, co-worker, mother-in-law, even grandma.

Mother’s Day flowers or gifts are for any woman close to you, who you appreciate and value as a mother to their kids. Of course, you probably won’t spend on them as much as you’ll spend on your own mother. But a stem of flower, a card, and even just a heartfelt greeting will be appreciated, especially when they didn’t expect any from you.

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day

With the plethora for blooms and plants, colors and arrangements, choosing the perfect bouquet for Mother’s Day can lead to bewilderment. Let’s explore the beautiful world of flowers, how it affects the recipient, which flowers to pick, and how to care for them.

Flower Power

According to the Society of American Florists, Mother’s Day is the second busiest holiday for florists, second only to Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re buying flowers as a gift or as part of your Mother’s Day gift(s), you will be happy to know that flower-giving has positive benefits for the recipient more than the obvious decorative use.

Simply looking at a lush and cheery flower arrangement is already therapeutic by itself. The scent of freshly cut flowers can lift any mental dreariness.

Nancy Etcoff, PhD, a Harvard psychologist conducted a study, she found that after a few days of living with flowers, the people who participated in the experiments felt more positive. They felt more relaxed and compassionate towards others.

Moreover, Researchers at Rutgers found that flowers affect the ‘good-mood’ of the recipient and this mood can linger even days after the flowers' delivery.

Bouquet or Potted

A bouquet of flowers may look gorgeous the day it is given or delivered but it will not look that way after several days. Instead of the usual bouquet, you may opt to give potted flowers, such as a fragrant rose or a beautiful bonsai azalea. A potted flower is a like a living bouquet, will a little care and watering, it will last for weeks.

A more traditional mother will probably enjoy the classic bouquets. A busy mom will most likely prefer a bouquet as well; no time to take care of plants. But a more modern woman might delight in potted flowers, especially ones that match nicely with her contemporary décor.

Petals and Personalities

Giving flowers on any occasion is always a welcomed gesture. What makes it even better is when you put an extra thought to see which flowers best match the recipient. Instead of merely picking a bouquet that you think is the most beautiful, why not pick the one that will make it even more meaningful?

Whether want to send the recipient her favorite blooms or give her an arrangement incorporating her birth month flower, you can’t do wrong in buying those. However, you can also show how well you know her by matching flowers to her personality.

According to Society of American Florists, flowers have a rich lore and history. Here are the popular flowers for Mother’s Day and their meanings. It may help you to match the perfect petals to your mother’s personality.

The guide below is just that, a guide and not something in stone. You might find a flower written below that may be the recipient’s favorite but with the opposite personality traits. Or you might discover that the recipient belongs to more than one category. In that case, you can mix and match different flowers, and perhaps add the recipient’s favorite blooms as well.


A classic. For the woman who likes tailored, clean lines and sophisticated cuts with adornments of the simplest detail. She has a good eye for the classic beauty in all things. She knows and possible live with the finer things life has to offer. She’s diplomatic, smart and elegant.

Red-colored roses mean romance but it can also mean pure love, no matter who the relationship is with. Pink roses mean appreciation and happiness.


A tulip-loving woman tends to have a positive outlook in life. She is laid back and easy to please. With her happy personality, she is surrounded by friends who are attracted to her positive vibe.

Tulips, a spring flower with an air of easy-going nature and happiness. They come in different and varieties – French, fringed, parrot, etc. As for the colors: pink means caring and affection; yellow means cheerfulness; white tulips can be given as an ‘I’m sorry’ flower, while purple represents royalty.


If she is seemingly tireless, a joy and an inspiration to people around her then a bouquet of lilies is perfect for her. She is optimistic and hopeful and encourages people to be the same.

There are numerous several lily varieties with just as many patterns and colors to choose from. Casablanca lilies (white) mean celebration, its little wonder why they are used in weddings. Stargazer lilies (deep crimson to pink petals) means prosperity. Day lilies are available in a wide range of colors from reds, yellows to pinks and purples, in the Chinese tradition, day lilies symbolise motherhood. Calla lilies generally stand for regality and beauty.

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day


A flower of choice for a quirky, trendy woman. For the woman for enjoys bold colors and exciting patterns and not afraid to try the latest fashion. She loves challenges and uses her imagination for solve them. She has a sense of humor which people may not always get.

Orchids are one of the most popular home flowering plants. If you prefer to give a potted flower rather than a bouquet, orchids are a good choice. Orchids are non-fragrant so they will be a suitable for women who hate strong smells or are allergic to fragrance. Orchids are beautiful, exotic and easy to care for. Orchids represent beauty, strength and grace. White orchids mean purity as well as reverence. Pink orchids symbolise joy and femininity.


She easily shrugs off setbacks and sees the ‘big picture’ at all times. She is strong yet emphatic and thoughtful. She has grace-under-pressure mastered. She likes bold but elegant colors and patterns.

Deep red peonies are most sought-after peonies in China and Japan, they symbolise honor and prosperity. Peonies, in all colors stand for beauty, respect and a happy life.


Last but not least, the carnation. Carnation is the Mother’s Day flower. In the USA and Canada, carnations are the most bought flower on Mother’s Day. In 1908, the founder of Mother’s Day herself, Anna Jarvis, sent hundreds of white carnations to be worn by children honoring their mothers. The white carnations symbolised purity.

Carnation is for a woman who is not so bold, sometimes afraid of change but always down-to earth and dependable. They delight to being of help to others without asking for much in return, if at all the – a quintessential ‘wind-beneath-my-wings’ woman.

White carnations are worn or displayed in remembrance of a beloved mother but they can also mean purity and unconditional love. Deep red carnations are for love and affection, while light red carnations mean admiration. Pink carnations symbolise gratitude and respect and are the most popular carnation color for Mother’s Day.

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day

How to make Mother's Day flowers last longer

Bouquets often come with flower care instructions card. In cases when they don’t or the instruction card is misplaced, here are flower care steps to ensure the flowers you’ll give will bloom beautiful and last as long as possible.

Upon receiving the flowers, the recipient will notice that the flowers are somewhat wilted. But with a few steps, they flowers will perk up readily.

1. Fill a vase ¾ full of room temperature water.

2. Use of the accompanying packet of flower food according to the packet’s directions.

3. Cut off the stems before placing them in the vase. Trim off at least 1 inch in a slanted angle.

4. Keep the flowers cool. Move your vase away from radiators and other heat sources as heat will make the flowers wilt faster.

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day


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