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Face Masks: Is The Love Over?

Face Masks: Is The Love Over?

In recent years, face masks and face scrubs have been the number one skin care product category in the skin care industry. But, is the consumers’ love for face masks finally diminishing or perhaps even over?

Face Mask Evolution

At home face treatments such as face masks, scrubs and wraps are some of the oldest beauty rituals. It is said that Cleopatra used a mixture of clay, honey and lemon as a face mask. She would slather this mixture on her face while taking her legendary milk baths. Ancient Ayurvedic recipes included a paste of turmeric, flour and milk, a conditioning and lightening face mask.

For acne, neem juice, onion juice and honey was used. Roman women were also fond of face masks as a beauty treatment. Their formulation contained unconventional ingredients like fats and placentas of birds and animals. Marie Antoinette, known for being extravagant, is said to have improved on Cleopatra’s face mask recipe by adding egg whites and cognac to hers.

Today, consumers have a plethora of face masks and face scrubs to choose from, at their convenience. The modern face masks comes in formulations that suit and treat different skin conditions and needs. Face masks and scrubs are indeed more popular now than ever.

Face Mask Surge

The face masks segment’s growth expanded even further with the advent of social media. Celebrities and regular people alike posts snapshots of themselves in various concoctions cradling every hill and valley of their faces.

Vice president and global beauty industry analyst with The NPD Group, Karen Grant says face masks have soared in popularity, even eclipsing the sales of moisturisers. Growing by 11% in 2015, Euromonitor reports “The Face Mask category was the fastest-growing category in the U.S. skin care market in 2015.” The face masks market - sheet masks in particular, is projected to have a yearly growth of 8.7% from 2016 to 2024. With the market value at US$160.4mn back in 2015, Transparency Market Research expects the U.S. face mask market to culminate at US$336.7mn by the end of 2024.

Let’s Face It

With just a few minutes, consumers can gain immense benefits from facial masks and scrubs. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why face masks have been a mainstay on skin care routines.


Face masks deep cleanses to clear the dirt on the surface of the skin and goes a step further by clearing even more dirt that got pushed deep down into the pores. Sometimes dirt and oil get trapped underneath dead skin cells. Oil and bacteria can build up within those clogged pores, resulting in skin breakouts. Regular use of face masks and scrubs clears both dirt and dead skin cells to reveal and maintain a clean, radiant skin.


Masks with anti-aging properties work in several ways. Hydrating face masks bathe the skin with moisturising ingredients that can penetrate the skin and won’t just easily evaporate or wipe off. Special masks work to replenish collagen, hyaluronic acid and other skin beneficial ingredients that are needed to soften and improve skin elasticity – giving the skin a plumper, more youthful appearance. Certain face masks can also act as an at-home facelift treatment by tightening loose and sagging skin. With continued use of anti-aging face masks, results will show reduced signs of aging with firmer, more uplifted skin.


Some masks especially the clay mask or mask which contains green tea, lavender, chamomile, coffee, and other anti-inflammatory ingredients can even out skin tone by reducing redness and calming puffiness – effectively, de-stressing the skin.

The application of face masks is also an opportune time for mental and physical relaxation. A typical face mask session, from 10 to 20 minutes, allows for the release of any tension of facial muscles. The aromas and scents from essential oils and extracts infused with the face mask serve as a form of aromatherapy. Face masks can not only refresh the skin but lift the spirits as well.

The Next Face

Face masks inexpensively provide a host of sensory and aesthetic benefits in a short amount of time. It’s no wonder the face mask industry continues to surge stronger.

As consumers get more knowledgeable with skin care ingredients and methods, and the researchers constantly delving into the latest particles and potions in their quest to find yet the most efficient and effective skin care solution, it is certain that face masks quality is only going to improve from here on.

With sales expectations, product development and public interest continuing to escalate, it is therefore then safe to say that no, the consumers’ romance with face masks and face scrubs is far from over. This love affair, it’s nowhere even near slowing down.


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