Prevent and Treat Eye Wrinkles and Creases

May 28 2021 – Talya Cayce

Prevent and Treat Eye Wrinkles and Creases

Prevent and Treat Eye Wrinkles and Creases

There’s nothing wrong with fine lines and wrinkles, they allow us to have exquisitely expressive faces. It’s only natural for everyone to have them in time. Without the aid of the surgeon’s scalpel (and sometimes even with), there is no face left undented by time. While crow’s feet and laugh lines can be seen as testimonies for living a happy life, there is no reason to have them appear pre-maturely in our lives and on our faces.

Crow’s feet, the creases that spread from the outer corner of the eyes, and under-eye fine lines are most noticeable and pop up earlier than lines and wrinkles on other areas of the face and neck. They make us look tired and less than cheerful, especially when accompanied by dark circles and puffiness. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent premature eye area wrinkling. And even lessen the severity of the ones that already exist.

The formation of wrinkles around the eyes

Several factors determine how and why we might age prematurely such as skin type, lifestyle, diet, and lack of a skincare routine targeting the eye area.

Skin is kept firm and supple because of the presence of collagen and elastin. As we age, we lose collagen and can’t produce as fast as we lose them. Skin starts to sag and loses resilience. Temporary folds due to facial expressions turn into permanent lines.

The area of skin around the eyes is extremely thin. When the skin begins to lose collagen, the already thin skin becomes even thinner and fragile, therefore, more sensitive to environmental stressors like pollution, oxidative stress, and sun damage.

This area also does not have glands to hydrate the skin. To make matters worse are the onset of thinning bones, withering blood vessels, and fat displacement. No wonder the eye area becomes less than vibrant, fast.

Prevent and Treat Eye Wrinkles and Creases

Tips for Smooth and Fabulous Eye Area

While it is widely accepted that the formation of wrinkles around the eyes is an inevitable occurrence in one’s life, there is certainly no reason not to take preventative measures to keep the wrinkles popping up super early. Having well hydrated under-eyes keep those nasty concealer creases away, that’s a happy bonus.

Cleanse the right way

Sleeping with makeup, dirt, and pollution on your skin is the nemesis of waking up with beautiful, healthy skin. Clogged pores prevent topicals from penetrating and lead to acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. However, cleansing the wrong way can irritate the skin as well. Tugging and rubbing the delicate skin around your eyes to remove waterproof eyeliner and mascara, will speed up the creation of new lines and wrinkles.

Use eye makeup remover to effectively clean off eye makeup without unnecessary tugging. They are often formulated to hydrate and protect the skin while removing stubborn eye makeup.

When you’re tempted to doze off after a tiring day with a day’s worth of makeup and other gunk on your face, at least use pre-moistened cleansing pads. Saves time by not having to rinse.

Gently does it

When applying and removing make-up, putting on and removing contact lenses, and other actions involving the eyes, be extra gentle. Pat gently when applying eye creams

Don’t rub or pull the skin, people who often rub their eyes usually are the ones with deep eye wrinkles.

Upgrade your eye creams

Start using a night cream for the eyes, if you don’t already. The delicate skin around your eyes needs more care and hydration than the rest of your face.

A rich emollient cream moisturiser is necessary because the skin around the eyes tends to lose moisture while we sleep. Thicker moisturiser can keep the skin hydrated until morning. Two common culprits to dry skin are drying indoor air and cotton pillow sheets. Dry skin will amplify the crepey-looking skin.

The top ingredients to look for in eye cream products are Retinol, Vitamin C, and Collagen. As always, skin test before first use. As for natural oils, go for the rich oils of Argan, Squalene Olive, Coconut, and Maracuja.

Prevent and Treat Eye Wrinkles and Creases

Avoid sun damage

Serums and creams are invaluable allies to keep eye wrinkles away but prevention is even better. Overexposure to UVA and UVB rays is a big contributor to wrinkle formation. The amount of collagen loss is greatly amplified by sun damage.  Avoid long periods of sun exposure, especially when the sun is at its peak, from 10 am to 3 pm. Upgrade your day creams to one that has SPF protection. Or use a separate one after your day cream.

Before stepping under the sun, protect your skin, especially the eye area with sunscreen SPF 30 or better, and a pair of protective sunglasses. Not only will sunglasses help against sun damage, but it also helps prevent lines caused by squinting.

Prevent and Treat Eye Wrinkles and Creases

Use infused eye masks

Add gel or sheet masks to your beauty routine, at least twice weekly. Sheet masks are fibers shaped to fit the face, they are infused with a variety of serums for every skin type and condition. Hydrogel masks usually have a right and wrong side. The side that has a jelly-like consistency is the side that touches the skin. Because hydrogel masks stick to the skin, they won’t slide down as easily as sheet masks.

Both hydrogel and sheet masks allow better penetration than cream masks and drench the eye area with active ingredients to diminish fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles.

Minimise squinting

Alter your daily habits such as looking at your handheld devices in the dark or going out to the bright rays of the sun without sunglasses. Watch out for any activity that makes you squint. Have your eyes checked if you are having trouble with your vision. Constant squinting will accelerate the formation of lines and wrinkles around your eyes and forehead.

Prevent and Treat Eye Wrinkles and Creases

Nourish from the inside out

Serums, creams, masks, and other anti-aging products work topically, from the outside penetrating towards the inner layers of the skin. Complementing your beauty regimen with healthy habits and diet will boost your results.

Omega 3 essential fatty acids can support the skin’s structure and improve wrinkle prevention. Coldwater fish like mackerel, tuna, salmon, and sardines are rich in Omega 3. Plant-based sources include nuts and seeds (chia seeds, walnuts), plant oils (flaxseed oil), and greens (spinach, broccoli).

Also look for food that enhances your body’s ability to produce collagen such as bone broth, fish and shellfish, egg whites, citrus fruits, berries, and dark greens veggies.

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