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Shoppers Say Their Butts ‘Feel Tighter’ After Using This Anti-Cellulite, Firming Treatment

Shoppers Say Their Butts ‘Feel Tighter’ After Using This Anti-Cellulite, Firming Treatment

Just as there are targeted skincare treatments for our necks, hands and even feet, there are specific formulas created solely for our butt cheeks. While slathering on such products won’t magically give you the vivacious curves of your dreams, they can help with cellulite, dark spots and sagging skin. Just like most skincare, you have to be dedicated to routine applications (this isn’t a one-and-done fix), so we’d recommend getting a head start before swimsuit season.

Butt masks are a popular choice for firming and smoothing the booty but if you’d rather apply your cheeky skincare and move on with your life instantaneously, a booty oil may be wiser. BodyBlendz’s Booty Elixir encapsulates everything you could possibly want in a booty oil, since it’s lightweight, fast-absorbing, and capable of a slew of benefits, such as making your butt “so smooth” and “actually feel tighter,” per one reviewer.

According to the brand, “with continuous application, the BodyBlendz Booty Elixir reshapes the booties with measurable results.” For starters, the “potent elixir” contains a cocktail of ingredients that surge the skin with essentially fatty acids. In turn, this can result in less inflammation, breakouts, scarring and sped up sunburn healing. It also can smooth and firm the cheeks overtime, leaving an overall more youthful appearance.

The combination of Capsaicin and Brassica Alba Sprout Extract creates an “active slimming technology” that boosts microcirculation across the skin and fights water retention in cellulite tissue. Chlorophyllin can be effective in soothing wounds, burns and other skin conditions, while nourishing oils like grapeseed oil, almond oil and macadamia oil regenerate damaged skin and restore dry areas.

Never given a booty treatment a go before? Grab the Booty Elixir for daily applications, alongside other best-sellers from the brand.

Written by Maya Gandara

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