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Shoppers Say This Hair Mask Was a ‘Life Changer’ For Strands That Were ‘Breaking Like Crazy’

Shoppers Say This Hair Mask Was a ‘Life Changer’ For Strands That Were ‘Breaking Like Crazy’

I will always choose a hair mask over regular conditioner for a handful of reasons, the most important being that it makes a more noticeable difference in the feel and look of my strands—especially after a damaging bleach job. 

While I certainly have my favorites, I noticed reviewers are swearing left and right by this hair treatment mask from Australian beauty brand BodyBlendz. While I mainly know the brand for its anti-cellulite body lotions (including one that doubles as a gradual self-tanner), the mask formula piqued my interest for its dual benefits: encouraging hair growth and restoring moisture.

For the best results, the brand recommends using the mask right after the BodyBlendz Hair Scrub, which removes product build-up on the scalp, increases circulation, and paves the way for the mask’s ingredients to evenly lay across the scalp. Included in the mask is panthenol, which helps in even distribution while surging the scalp and hair with nourishing moisture, alongside a blend of abyssinia, coconut and argan oils to boost healthy growth and maintain frizz without leaving the hair greasy or weighing it down. It also contains nutrients like vitamin B5 and cocoa and shea butters to leave the hair intensely soft after each use.

The before-and-after pictures included on the product page are pretty telling, but hearing from actual shoppers who’ve personally given the mask a go is more important in my eyes. Reviewers had several positive remarks, from comments on how it works great for those with curly and kinky hair to calling it a “great remedy for brittle and dry hair.” 

As one person wrote, “This is one of my favorite hair products. It helped recover my dry and damaged hair after my hair was breaking like crazy, I almost got bald and I lost all hope. This is a life changer.”

Shop the BodyBlendz Hair Treatment for $29.99, alongside other best-sellers from the brand.

Written by Maya Gandara

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