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This Hydrating Body Scrub Is Making Shoppers’ Skin ‘Tighter & Brighter’

This Hydrating Body Scrub Is Making Shoppers’ Skin ‘Tighter & Brighter’

In a world obsessed with skincare products for the face, it can be easy to miss the other, equally important skin we should be focusing on—that of which is on the body. We all want radiant, glowing, and healthy skin everywhere, but it can be somewhat challenging to find a product that works well. For that, we recommend getting something that does it all—exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish.

If you’re on a mission to get your body’s skin looking as good as your face, try BodyBlendz’s Glacial Dip Body Scrub. This standout product leaves every inch of your body feeling soft, rejuvenated, and clean. It’s a $26 game-changer that scrubs your body clean of irritants, dead skin cells, and grime, while also leaving skin moisturized and healthy.

This easy-to-use formula works by incorporating star ingredients like snowflower (chock-full of active phytonutrients that deliver a bevy of incredible benefits like anti-aging, reduction of redness, and pigmentation, as well as skin repair and barrier protection), bamboo powder (a powerful exfoliant that removes dead skin cells without irritating skin), and a combination of buriti oil and chia seed oil (for hydrating and reducing inflammation).

Shoppers agree wholeheartedly, with one saying, “As I washed it off, my skin immediately felt super velvety and soft.” Another reviewer raved, “My skin feels tighter and brighter now! I love this.” Now that’s a good review if we’ve ever seen one.

We adore that the brand is vegan and that this specific product contains naturally-derived ingredients selected by model Nicole Williams-English and BodyBlendz. This skin-loving concoction contains ingredients that work in unison to reduce inflammation, improve skin texture, tone, and tighten.

Did we mention that the hydrating scrub also just smells amazing? Uplifting orange, lime, geranium, ylang ylang, and rose otto deliver a refreshing feeling of calm for the body and spirit. A customer acknowledged the scent, stating that the product “smells amazing and makes my skin so soft and hydrated! It exfoliates without damaging sensitive skin.”

To see similarly amazing results, here’s exactly how to use the scrub. After cleansing your body, apply a generous amount to your skin (wet or dry) and then wait two minutes for the product to completely absorb. Next, rinse off the blue goop and see just how soft your skin feels. As for how often to apply this shower essential, the brand suggests two to three times a week to notice the best results. BodyBlendz also recommends patch testing the product before lathering all over your body.

If you’re itching to take this marvelous body scrub for a spin, head on over to BodyBlendz and click add to cart. Gorgeous, glowing skin awaits you.

And if you’re curious about what else this Australian skincare brand has to offer, click here for a few more of its stellar formulas.

Written by Valeriya Chupinina

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