Is salt NAUGHTY OR NICE for skin?

It makes food tasty. It makes skin tingle. Salt is the best seasoning and the best skin exfoliator. BUT, can too much of a good thing be bad?

Here’s the secret about salt…


For babes that love salty snacks (don’t we all), it’s a bummer that salt has gotten a bad reputation from the medical field. If salt is eaten in excess, it can lead to diet-related cardiovascular diseases and irritated skin.

There are different kinds of salt and different effects it can have on you. In its natural state, salt exists with a mix of other vitamins and trace minerals like magnesium and calcium. The natural mixture of minerals work with sodium to keep the body’s electrolytes and fluids in balance. But when salt is refined, or processed, these minerals are removed and the sodium is isolated. This throws the body off balance and has been proven to have the opposite effect we want. This refined form of salt also usually contains anti-caking ingredients and other additives that are not good for babes! No wonder common salt has gained such a bad rep over the years.

So how can a babe enjoy salty pleasures?


BODYBLENDZ is all about babes enjoying the things they love. To protect your heart and prolong your health, the key is to look for pure, unrefined sea salt either as a seasoning with food, or in any type of product that contains salt as an ingredient. This will ensure you’ll get the best body benefits from the most naturally occurring mix of vitamins and minerals. Simply pay more attention to quality, and quantity…

To promote clear, glowing skin, go easy with extra salty foods, babe. What we put in our bodies impacts our skin. A salt heavy diet can lead to dehydration and inflammation, triggering chronic conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

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Salt may need modifying when used internally, but if you’re a babe experiencing dull, dry, flakey skin, using salt externally can be the perfect remedy…


Salt has been used at many of the best beauty and wellness clinics around the world. When used as an ingredient in high quality body scrubs, salt is an amazing natural exfoliator that tones skin, eliminates cellulite, and leaves you glowing, revitalized, and oh so smooth. Salt helps shed the skin’s outer layer to reveal the beautiful new layer of skin underneath:

~It detoxifies skin cells properly by absorbing all dirt, dust, and toxins.
~It prevents fluid retention from skin and keeps it firm, supple, and youthful.
~It is full of vital vitamins and minerals, which nourish skin cells.
~It has high calcium content which helps in cleansing clogged skin pores.
~It minimizes the formation of stretch marks and keeps flexible.

To get real results you need the real deal, babe. BODYBLENDZ has got you covered…

In the same way you should watch out for nasty forms of salt, be sure to go for body products that contain only all natural sea salt. 3 out of 4 BODYBLENDZ scrubs include pure sea salt that work together with skin-friendly components like hydrating coconut, healing oats, regenerating coffee beans.

Massage one on, and in a matter of minutes you’ll agree that salt might be bad in some forms, but the right kind can make you look and feel so f’n good.



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