Lip Masks: Finally, Softer, Fuller, Well-hydrated Lips

After sheet masks and under eye masks, it’s the lip mask’s turn to invade our social media feed and our lives. All of a sudden, celebrities, beauty bloggers and seemingly everyone else are seen in selfies with them slapping on something on their lips that made them look like a way overlined puckering Joker. 

What exactly are lip masks made of and what does it do for your lips? And do they actually work? 

The battle to conquer dry, peeling lips.

Dry lips can be caused by so many factors: outdoor weather, indoor dry air, constant lip-licking, and of course, all of those pretty lip tinted products, especially the matte variety. Matte lipstick may achieve a pretty Kylie Jenner pouty look, but it is super-drying.  

Why do the lips become dry so fast and seemingly endlessly? 

The skin on your lips is very thin and sensitive.  That is the reason that one swipe of lip color will suck the moisture from your lips and a little nibble on your lips will cause some bleeding. 

Lip skin is not structured as the rest of the skin on the body. Normally, skin is layered in three parts. The outer protective layer or the stratum corneum, the middle layer called the epidermis and the deeper layer, dermis. On the lips, the stratum corneum is very thin. The middle layer, the epidermis is also thinner than the epidermis of the skin on the rest of the body. The reason why lips have a pinkish/reddish colors is because the blood-filled capillaries shows through the thin skin on the lips.   

On top of that, lip skin lacks two ways the body delivers moisture to the skin, namely sweat glands and sebaceous glands. 

That leaves saliva as the only other moisture that our bodies provide to our lips. But we all know how drying saliva is, hence the constant lip-licking is the number one culprit for dry, cracked lips.

Lip skin is also easily damaged and burned from harsh sunlight because lips produce little melanin. So don’t forget to grab that SPF lip product before you head out on extended sun exposure. 

With the inevitable combination of unhealthy habits, weather conditions and drying lip products, even with a hundred coats of lip balm, dry lip skin will still persist. 

Lip masks to the rescue!

Lip masks work in the same way as face sheet masks  — they are created to deliver and lock in the moisture in your skin more effectively than just regular cream mask.  Lip masks are made to target the thin, delicate and dry skin of your lips. 

Lip masks are made of luxurious thick hydrogel that’s infused with hydrating serum  to richly immerse your lips in vitamins and minerals. Bodyblendz Collagen Infused Lip Masks are formulated with vitamins C and E to heal and rejuvenate blistered lips, and enhanced even further in effectivity with hyaluronic acid and collagen,  to not only restore moisture and elasticity but also helps plump up your pretty pout.

Lip masks are intentionally shaped to be larger than the size of the average lips, extending over the lip line.  This design allows the serum to be delivered not just to the lips, but on to the skin around the lips. This area is prone to drying and even fine lines. 

Lip masks newbie guide.


As always, before applying creams and serums, exfoliate first. No sense in just letting the those sit on top of the skin like a bodybuilder’s shimmer oil. In order to get the serum’s ingredients fully absorbed, the dry, flaking top bits need to come off first. 

Pat the lips dry before applying the lip mask, to ensure absorption. 

But exfoliate gently, especially when lips are already very dry. 

If lips currently have cuts and/or is slightly bleeding, wait a few days for the lips to heal before doing your lip mask treatment. Apply aloe vera or coconut oil or your favorite healing balm to speed up the healing of the lips.

Open and apply

The lip masks are drenched in serums so open the container on a flat surface to avoid spilling. 

Apply the mask to the center of your lips. Use the Bodyblendz Collagen Infused Lip Masks guide for proper centering – the guide being the hole in the middle of the lip mask.

All the better when lying down

As with facial sheet masks, it’s better to use lip masks when lying down. It ensures the product stays in place, and won’t be sliding down your décolleté.

While you’re lying down, you probably need to keep the chitchat to a minimum.  Bodyblendz Collagen Infused Lip Masks have holes in the middle of the masks, to allow you to talk a bit, sip a straw maybe, and of course, help you breathe if you happen to have nasal congestion. Although, we recommend postponing your lip masking spa treatment to a further date when you are able breathe easier. 

After the suggested time, remove the lip mask and massage the remaining serum until absorb. Pat dry if necessary.

Something to smile about

What to expect after a lip mask session? Even after just one application, you can touch your lips and feel the softness and smoothness.  Your lips will have a more even texture. Look in the mirror and you’ll notice your lip lines less noticeable, in fact your lips can look slightly plumper. 

Lips masks will make your lip color application to glide on easily and evenly. You will find that even as you use lip balms less, your lips isn’t as dry. Use lip masks anytime your feel the need to luxuriate and bathe your lips in hydrating and healing treatment, or anytime before a big date or event. The results gradually diminish on the 3rd day after the treatment. It is recommended to mask your lips twice a week. 

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