Coco Luxe Coffee Scrub

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The New and Improved version of the Coconut Delight Coffee Scrub you love!

Treat yourself to a tropical getaway thanks to our Coco Luxe body scrub! Your bathroom will turn into a stay at home vacation thanks to a blend of Ground Arabica Coffee Beans and Coconut Oil. Your skin will be scented with a sweet coco bliss that will whisk you away to a paradise that you won’t ever want leave!

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Awaken your senses and make your skin look even better than ever before with Coco Luxe coffee scrub. With carefully chosen ingredients, our Coco Luxe scrub doesn’t just scrubs away dry skin but penetrates deep into the layers leaving your skin moisturised and smooth. The Arabica coffee ingredient in the scrub will help eliminate pesky little impurities such as cellulite, stretch marks and skin blemishes, leaving your skin fresh and young looking.

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