Vanilla Blush Coffee Scrub

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The New and Improved version of the Oats Oats Baby Coffee Scrub you love!

A warm release of blush, treat the skin you’re in with our Vanilla Blush body scrub! Your skin will feel, and smell, heavenly thanks to a combination of Arabica Coffee Beans, oatmeal and a scent of sweet Vanilla. You will be thankful after you give it a loving treatment of a delicious scrub!

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Looking for a perfect solution for a blissful night in?

Relax and unwind after a long day with our Vanilla Blush Coffee Scrub! A perfect blend of Arabica coffee beans, oatmeal, with a hint of sweet vanilla that will make your skin feel and smell heavenly. Say goodbye to skin impurities and hello to moisturized, rejuvenated and soft skin. You will be thankful for this skin-loving treatment of a delicious scrub!


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