Top 8: Summer Beauty Tips

As a long, hot summer befalls across Australia, you are, undoubtedly, eager to feel the sun’s warmth on your face and bare more of your skin to get that perfect summer bronze. Ah yes, the holidays and the beginning of summer, such a wondrous time of the year. But the season does come with an array of skin problems: oilier-than-usual skin, sun burns and blisters, rashes, breakouts and patchiness. Who has time to deal with all of these when you still have to shop and wrap for gifts, attend numerous parties and plan your summer outfits as well? Here are summer skin care tips to keep you looking like a glowing goddess all summer long.

Keep Hydrated

Blazing outdoor temperatures and dry, cool indoor air can lead to dehydration, low energies, headaches and even dizziness. Drink water all day to protect yourself from dehydration. It’s not enough to protect and nourish your skin and body from the outside, you must hydrate from within. Carry a water bottle with you and drink every 30 minutes. Water helps to flush toxins and maintain clear, dewy complexion. It also helps cool down the body’s temperature.

Buff Skin

Your body will be working round the clock as it attempts to heal any burns, inflammation and other irritations throughout summer. Regular exfoliation will help this process by removing dead, dulling skin to prevent clogging of pores. It also improves the ability of the skin to assimilate the skin nourishment found in serums and moisturizers. Exfoliation will even the body’s skin tone, allowing your tan develop beautifully. On the face, exfoliation make the pores appear smaller making the application of make-up smoother and lasts longer.

Lighter Products

The thick, heavy lotions and creams you were using? It’s time to pack them up now that the weather has warmed up. Super heavy creams used during summers could well be the leading cause of clogged pores and breakouts. During summer months, you need products that allow your skin to breath more freely, choose lighter lotions and serums. As always, do a patch test before using a new product.

Sun Protection

Even if your goal is to get a gorgeous, golden tan, you will still a need sun protecting lotion. Unprotected sun exposure may get you a bronze complexion, but it can also do damage to your skin and hair. Too much exposure to the sun causes skin damage which can encourage the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Prolonged damaging exposure can lead to dark spots which in some cases will be irreversible and may lead to skin cancer. You can forget everything, but not sunscreen; it’s the most important product you’ll need for summer fun and survival.

A broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher which can block both UVA and UVB rays, applied 20-30 minutes before heading out into harsh sunlight is the recommendation. Re-apply every 2 hours and re-apply right away after sweating or swimming. Generally, about a teaspoon of sunscreen is the adequate amount for the face and about the size of a filled shot glass or 1 oz/30 ml for the body.

Eyes, Lips

Don’t forget your eyes, skin around the eyes and your lips. They are most vulnerable to the unprotected harmful sun rays as the skin. The lips and the under-eye skin are especially are very thin. Make sure you protect your eyes with oversized sunglasses and coat your lips with a sun protecting product when you step outdoors. Use broad spectrum sun protecting lip balm to protect your lips from both UVA and UVB rays. If your lips are cracking and peeling, use lip scrub to gently buff off dead skin from your lips. After that, coat your lips with: moisturizing balm, lip color, then lip sunscreen – in that order.

Face Care

Taking care of your skin in the summer months can be challenging; oily skin gets shinier, dry skin gets patchy and irritated, and make-up melts as soon as you apply them on your face. The melted make-up, along with dust and other environmental conditions and irritants result in clogged pores and festering bacteria. The goal is to keep your face fresh, hydrated and soothed during the summer months.

Use a cleansing product such as Konjac sponge to naturally clean without irritation. De-clog your pores and allow them to breathe naturally using 2 in 1 Face Capsules or Sweet Citrus Face Mask, they’re all natural, gentle and possess anti-inflammatory properties, which mean less redness, patchiness and puffiness. Do not scrub sunburnt skin. Cleanse your face at least twice daily and apply masks at least twice weekly. Skin care during the summer season is a breeze with the right practices and products.

Hair Care

Too much sun and salt on your hair will lead to dryness, even damage. If you’re far from the beach, you’ll probably head for the swimming pools – which means chlorine. While chlorine is used to clean and disinfect pool water, they’re bad news for your hair. Chlorine strips out the natural oils that protect your hair and scalp. Before you head for a swim, whether the pool or the beach, protect your hair by creating a barrier against sun, salt and chlorine. Use a swim cap, hair sunscreen and a leave-in conditioning product to prevent dryness and damage to your hair.

It’s a good idea to have your hair cut before the holidays and not wait after. You’ll want to remove brittle and split hair ends before the warm weather gets in full swing, so as not to subject the brittle hair ends to further environmental damage. Cutting hair before the holidays will ensure your hair is strong, healthy and ready for the sun and saltwater/pool water. After your swim, cleanse hair thoroughly as usual. As final rinse, blast your hair with cold water to awaken the follicles and make your hair stronger and shinier.

Burn Soother

Sunburns can happen, even if you’ve prepped your skin beforehand. Yes, you really didn’t mean to get sun burned. You must have lost tract of time or napped peacefully only to wake up with blisters and looking red as a lobster. Sadly, the damage has been done.

First thing to do is to dip yourself in cool water. It will relieve the pain right away. Then find a shaded area; get out of the sun’s rays to avoid further sunburn. Do cold compresses but avoid applying ice directly to the burns. Apply cooling gels with aloe vera and peppermint essential oil as one of the ingredients; they are especially effective in reducing redness, heat and pain. Don’t use petroleum or oil based ointments; they will trap the heat and make you even more uncomfortable. Lastly, re-hydrate your body. Burns bring your body’s fluid to the surface of the skin, leaving the rest of your body parched. Replenish by consuming electrolyte drinks and water.

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