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Reviewers Call This the ‘Best Mask Ever’ For Removing Blackheads & Body Acne

Reviewers Call This the ‘Best Mask Ever’ For Removing Blackheads & Body Acne

If you have acne-prone skin, chances are you’ve seen a blackhead (or several) pop up before. A result of clogged hair follicles, dead skin cells and excess oil, the pesky concern is a mild form of acne that can appear almost anywhere across the body—yes, even areas you least expect it. 

With summer on the horizon, grabbing a face and body mask that tackles blackheads, pigmentation and acne across the chest, arms and legs may be a smart (and confidence-boosting) move. Luckily, fellow shoppers already found the best formula that’s capable of helping these concerns within just a few uses: the Bodyblendz Pink Clay Mask.

The all-over clay mask is truly a multipurpose treatment; it minimizes discoloration, scarring, dullness and skin texture at the same time. It clears out congested pores, soothes inflammation and irritation and even lifts and firms skin that’s lost elasticity from aging or sun damage. 

Its blend of ingredients were chosen for a reason. Australian Clay sucks out dirt and oil from deep within the skin—it also is one of the more gentle skin clays out there (meaning it won’t dry out the skin) since it has a low pH and several essential minerals. It’s joined by papaya extract which softly exfoliates for a more even-toned complexion while smoothing out fine lines, lactic acid and witch hazel extract, which help with photoaging and oil production, alongside hydrating shea butter, macadamia oil and vitamin E.

Reviewers have found it to be the “best mask ever” for effectively clearing out pores, reducing body acne and getting rid of stubborn blackheads. One wrote that they have “no regrets” on purchasing the mask after seeing it leave their skin smoother and brighter with small, red bumps less visible. Another person was equally impressed after the mask left their pores noticeably smaller after the first use.

“What I love about this mask is that truly does feel like white heads were cleaned out your pores,” shared a third. “After removing the mask, you will feel your skin so smooth and soft. I noticed a difference in the appearance of my pores, especially on my cheeks. Thumbs up!”

Another wrote, “My skin is super sensitive. Didn’t develop a face rash with this mask, which normally happens for me when I use other skin products. I noticed reduction in my skin pore size and smoothens my skin. I will highly recommend this!”

Bodyblendz carries several other targeted treatments that will set you on the right path to achieving confident summer skin, including its Booty-specific Clay Mask and Anti-Cellulite lotion.

Written by Maya Gandara

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