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Shoppers flock to endorse ‘anti-cellulite lotion’ launched by Aussie brand: ‘Huge difference’

Shoppers flock to endorse ‘anti-cellulite lotion’ launched by Aussie brand: ‘Huge difference’

‘Absolutely love this product!’

If you haven’t yet jumped on the BodyBlendz bandwagon, the top-selling, celebrity-approved beauty brand’s new anti-cellulite lotion could change all that.

Since launching last year, BodyBlendz’ Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion has already sold out twice.

And the reviews from devotees who have added it to their beauty routine speak volumes.

BodyBlendz is an Aussie beauty brand which counts Kim Kardashian among its fans and is beloved for its luxurious, hardworking skin and body products.

The latest must-have addition to the brand’s collection of sell-out products, the BodyBlendz Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion, is turbo-charged with ingredients that work to smooth and lift your skin.

Cellulite happens to the best of us, but thanks to this sell-out formula, you can show off smoother, firmer, hydrated skin – fast.

“I believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable, secure, and confident in their own body, and that’s why I’m committed to developing solutions that tackle insecurities head-on,” BodyBlendz founder, Theo Ikosidekas told 7Life.

Working to rejuvenate the skin’s youthful elasticity and structure, BodyBlendz’ Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion can be applied to the body and face to soften the appearance of stubborn cellulite on the legs, butt, and arms, and improve the appearance of sagging skin and cellulite on the neck and jawline.

“My focus was on developing a product that addresses the common and annoying concern of cellulite while prioritising the health of the skin. The lotion is intensely hydrating yet lightweight, and provides a luxurious smoothness and softness, while firming and toning,“ said Ikosidekas.

Infused with a potent plant-based cocktail of green coffee seed, pineapple, aloe vera and avocado, jojoba, coconut, sunflower, and sweet orange oils, what sets BodyBlendz’ Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion apart from other cellulite solutions is pentavitin.

“Pentavitin is a specially formulated ingredient that provides deep and lasting hydration, while strengthening the skin’s barrier function. It creates an extraordinarily silky base that will leave skin feeling soft and supple for up to 72 hours,” Ikosidekas adds.

Suitable for all skin types, apply in the morning and night in gentle circular motions, working upwards from your ankles over your entire body and face.

Amazed customers have shared their before and after photos, along with rave reviews.

Says one convert, “I was skeptical at first since I’ve tried a lot of anti-cellulite products in the past. But this product, the results do speak for themselves.”

Another wrote, “Extremely hydrating cream that keeps your legs hydrated for days. Have only been using for a little over a week but I believe I can see an improvement in my cellulite already.”

“Absolutely love this product! Only been using it for 2 weeks and I can see a huge difference! Definitely worth the money, you won’t be disappointed!” wrote another.

Written by 7 Life

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